Adding colors

Don't know how to add colors? Everything about adding is explained below!

Adding a default color list.

Default color lists can only be added if your color list is empty.

A default color list with 8 colors can be added with one simple command! You can use the /add default colors for this.

The default color list.

Adding a random color.

You can also add random colors with the /add random color command. Or you can use the /suggest color if you want a suggestion on what colors you could add.

Adding specific colors.

You can add specific colors with a color name and a HEX code or a RGB code.

More information about color codes can be found here. You can also find a list of 140 named colors here, incase you are having trouble thinking of any names for your colors.

  • Red: /add hex color name:Red hex:#FF0000 or /add hex color name:Red r:255 g:0 b:0

  • Green: /add hex color name:Green hex:#00FF00 or /add hex color name:Green r:0 g:255 b:0

  • Blue: /add hex color name:Blue hex:#0000FF or /add hex color name:Blue r:0 g:0 b:255

Adding existing color roles.

You can also add existing color roles with the /add existing color command. Example: /add existing color role:@Red

Importing a color list from a different server.

It is also possible to import an existing color list from a different server. You will need to get the export ID with /export color list. You can import the existing list with the following command after you have gotten the export ID: /import color list id:123456

Deleting color roles

Clearing the color list or deleting color roles is irreversible. You will have to create the deleted color roles again.

You can delete colors with the /delete color command once you have added one or more color roles to your color list. Example: /delete color number:1 or /delete color name:Red.

It is also possible to delete the whole color list at once. You can do this with the /clear color list command.

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