This article explains everything you should know about managing permissions for Color-Chan!

Everyone with the Manage Roles permission can add, edit and delete color roles by default. However they can not clear the color list or reaction lists. Users will need to be admin to use those commands, all the toggle commands are also admin only.

Color Managers.

You can create one or more Color Management roles if you do not want to give users the Manage Roles permission. This will make it possible for them to add, edit and delete color roles without Manage Roles permission.

Adding a Color Management role.

Adding a Color Management role will deny users with the Manage Roles permission from adding, editing and deleting color roles if they do not have the Management role.

You can add a management role with the /management role command. Example: /management role role:@Admin

You will be able to view all the management roles with the /management roles command once you have added one or more roles.

Removing a Color Management role.

Simply use the /management remove command for this. Note: The role has to be on the list returned by the /management roles command. Example: /management remove role:@Admin.

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