Managing reaction color lists

Everything about creating, managing and deleting reaction color list is explained on this page!

You will need to add colors to your list first to use the commands mentioned on this page. Information on how to add colors can be found on the Adding colors page.

pageAdding colors

Adding and creating color reaction lists.

You can create reaction color lists once you have added colors to color list! Simply use the /add reaction colors command to add all your colors to reaction lists.

You can also add specific colors to a reaction list. This can be done with the /add reaction color command. The only thing you will need to provide is the color name or the color number. Example: /add reaction color name:Red Example: /add reaction color number:1

Deleting reaction color lists.

Deleting a reaction color list is incredibly simple! Just delete Color-Chan's message, this will automatically delete the reaction list.

You can also delete it manually if the message has already been deleted. Just get the ID of the reaction list that you want to delete with /reaction lists.

Then use that ID with the /delete reaction list. Example: /delete reaction list id:907028339548618793

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