Getting started / Setup

We explain everything you need to do here to get Color-Chan up an running in your server!

1. Add Color-Chan to your server.

You can invite Color-Chan with the following link:

2. Move Color-Chans role.

Color-Chan creates the color roles below her highest role. You will need to drag Color-Chan above all the roles that do not have the Default color role, to avoid overlapping issues with colors from different roles.

3. Add color roles!

You can add a default color list with: /add default colors, or you can add a random color with /add random color. You can also add your own color with /add rgb color and /add hex color by providing a name and a color code. More information about color codes can be found here. Examples on how to use the add color commands can be found on the Adding colors page.

pageAdding colors

4. View your color list!

You can now view your color list with /color list, after you have added one or more colors.

5. Reaction colors. (Optional)

You can also create a reaction color message with Color-Chan. these can be created with: /add reaction colors and /add reaction color. Examples on how to use the add reaction color commands can be found on the Managing reaction color lists page.

pageManaging reaction color lists

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