Patreon subscription

This article explains everything on how to connect your Patreon with your Discord server!

The default limit for the amount of colors in the color list is 51 and for the reaction lists it is 20. This can be increased by subscribing to our Patreon page.

Information about all the different Patreon subscriptions can be found here.

Discord only allows 250 roles per server, keep this in mind when choosing the correct tier for your server!

Connecting your Discord account with Patreon.

First you need to connect your Patreon account with your Discord account so the bot knows you have a subscription. All you need to do is following the steps mentioned here.

After you have followed those instructions you should be able to use /patreon info to see information about your subscription.

Connecting your subscription to a server.

You can use the /patreon connect command to connect your subscription to a server. Just use the command in the server where you want to use it!

Disconnecting your subscription from a server.

Simply use the /patreon disconnect command in the server where you want to disconnect your patreon from.

You can also provide the server ID of the server that you want to disconnect from by passing it to the ID argument, /patreon disconnect id:403577303784882186 for example. This could be useful if you have a the server without removing your patreon subscription from it. You can find the ID by using the /patreon info command.

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