My colors are not showing

This page explains how fix your color roles from not showing.

Discord only shows the color of the role that a user has with the highest position. This means that the color roles need to be above all normal roles that have a color assigned to them, or you will need the give all the normal roles (That have a higher position then the color roles) the default color. Please read Role Management 101 for more information about role colors.

Option 1

Give all the roles above the color roles the default color.

Option 2

Place Color-Chan's role and the color roles above all other non-moderation roles. Don't forget to set the moderation roles to the default color as mentioned in Option 1.

Never put your Mod and/or Admin roles below color roles. Because this will affect the moderation capabilities of your moderators and admin! Please read Role Management 101 to get a better understanding of this issue

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